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Home Design : New Design

Three Storey House with 400 sq.ms for Utility Space, 4

Bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms, 2 Parking Lots,

Supautchai Family

“Happiness” occurs when we choose what we like into our “home” If we can build everything we want to be beautiful and functional, home will become place of happiness for everyone in family because we can choose our favorites.  

Khun Wantanaporn and Khun Visitsak, the owners told that “First thing we though is to build a house as we like which is modern and luxury style. We had a chance to visit Landy Home and the team presented us the house designs which helped us see clearly. So, we believe in Landy home and selected New Design which is modern style with three storey including 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and 3 parking lots. This house is designed by us and Landy Home helped to adjust it for us” Because the owner are the new generation with trendy lifestyle likes orderliness, the owners give importance to interior design with attention to every detail from material selection and house designing.


Every part in the house was created and decorated beautifully. Kitchen and living room area were designed to be the famous Open Plan by making it open and connect to other parts in the house which makes it more convenient. The owners can spend time doing activities in the house“Before building this house, we had a lot of advices and ideas from Landy Home team and we put what we need for Landy Home to adjust as we like When the house is done, it satisfied us more than we expected. Since we selected Landy Home, we didn’t have any problem and this made us feel relax” 

Khun Wantanaporn and Khun Visitsak added.