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Home Design : Jessica V

Two storey house with 266 sq.ms for utility space, 
3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 parking lots, 
Vingjinda family

...With interest in modern house design, house layout was adjusted for the completed functions and was perfectly combined with new generation tastes.


Khun Supachot, the owner told Landy home staff that “We want to expand the family and move to live in a new house which is not far from existing house. We searched for professional homebuilding company to build our house and found Landy home. Landy home is reliable and provided us with several house designs. We consulted with Landy home staff at Piyarom branch. They gave good advice and answered what we want”

Because of being a new generation, having trendy lifestyle and moderate house with function are required. The answer is Jessica-V which is a modern 2 storey house with 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and 2 parking lots.

“We like a comfortable house with open feel and airy. We focused on wind direction and studied it and consulted with architecture team to design house layout so the family can live in house that is cool all year round” Khun Suppachot said. Because the owner like to living comfortably, the utility area is adjusted to be open by removing walls to make a connection space in the house. The side of the house was expanded as outdoor area for the family members to enjoy cool wind and fresh air. This is one of relax corner that answers our needs.

“During construction, engineer team inspected site continually. The construction workers did a great job and always gave us advice where to adjust or what kind of materials to use. The work comes out with high quality. The house design satisfied everyone in family. Everyone admired it” Khun Suppachot added.