Building System

NOVA SYSTEM , a semi-finished construction system by Landy Home


The semi-prefabricated construction system Landy Home invented and developed from Japan construction technology. Get your property a strong, durable, beautiful, economical and modern features with the following advantages;

  Casting and manufactured columns and beams from standard factory using high-strength prestressed concrete, the same type of large-scale construction such as construction of expressways, bridges and high-rise buildings, assemble on site by attaching structural parts with structural steel (Prefabrication & Multi Joint Lock System)

  Using a method for casting horizontal columns and beams, the structure has an integrity from the uniform distribution of aggregates (stone, sand, cement) throughout the workpiece. Unlike conventional construction where the columns and beams are cast vertically using traditional planks, the uneven distribution of aggregates is often encountered.

  Using the structure of the finished stair like the main structure, the structure design can be done to look like the same piece of the whole property for strength and also make it easy for the customer to inspect the construction on the upper floor because the stairs will be completely installed with the main structure.

Advantages of The Nova System

The Nova System semi-finished construction system was developed to troubleshoot and avoid the limitations of formwork construction systems in the past. Summarize the advantages of the Nova System compared with the in-place formwork construction system as follows;

Comparison of Nova System construction system with in-place formwork construction system
Nova System construction system In-place formwork construction system
1. The compressive strength of the concrete used is 350 KSC. The compressive strength of the concrete used is 150 KSC.
2. The quality is easily inspected, thanks to the use of a steel fitting on the exterior. The joint of the structure cannot be checked after the concrete is installed.
3. Factory casting of columns and beams provides quality control becomes easier. Difficult to control the texture, size, and quality of the concrete.
4. The use of prestressed wire with tensile strength of 16,800 KSC. results in smaller parts than a formwork under the same load capacity. Uses SD40 reinforcing steel with a tensile strength of approximately 4,000 KSC.
5. The factory casting process of columns and beams results in time and labor saving in on-site assembly. It takes a lot of time and labor in the construction.
6. Reduce the wastage of the use of building materials Construction wastes such as mortar, wood chips, etc.
7. Reduce pollution from construction due to quick assembly of structures There is pollution from on-site areas such as dust from the concrete installation as well as construction noise.
8. Save cost and labor within a fast construction period. Construction cost is high due to labor cost and construction period.
The unparalleled strength of the Nova System home building system bolds us to guarantee the house structure for up to 20 years. You can rest assured that you will have a perfectly fit property under a strong and safety structure throughout for a life long.


“Living in a 'home' with 'proper air circulation' affects the development of young children in the learning age and the quality of the rest of all family members.

CAP+ (Clean Air Positive Pressure)

CAP + (Clean Air Positive Pressure) is a fresh air circulation system with the outstanding following features as follows;

Reduce CO2, maintain O2 levels for brain development and quality sleep.

The system helps increase the rate of air circulation from outside entering the house to balance air quality by reducing CO2 by more than 60% and maintaining O2 levels to create a proper air circulation. This brings better quality sleep and helps with children’s brain development.

Reduces PM 2.5

A 3-layer filter purification system helps filter dust particles and odors as well as PM 2.5 up to 98% It can also kill germs in the air that affect the respiratory system.

Create a positive pressure condition.

Once the air circulation takes place in the room through a CAP + air filtration system, the fresh air and exhaust air from the inside out for air ventilation and circulation is appeared. In addition, a pressurized fresh air will take place inside the property to prevent unfiltered air entering the room, which is the same principle as hospital clean rooms. It reduces and prevents dust and bacteria from outside. This system also dehumidifies, effectively eliminating mold and yeast in the air.

*1) Based on a 2-hours indoor quality test results on May 21, 2020 by experts from SGS (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
*2) Associations of Cognitive Function Scores with Carbon Dioxide, Ventilation, and Volatile Organic Compound Exposures in Offce Workers:A Controlled ExposureStudy of Green and Conventional Office Environments (
*3) Boyd-Barrett C. (2018). Teen exposure to air pollution could reduce IQ levels long

How the CAP + works

The outside air drawn inside enters the CAP + (Clean Air Positive Pressure) system, increasing air convection and reducing CO2 gas and be able to create a state of positive pressure* through the filter layer and the process of maintaining the temperature as follows;

Early Effect Activated Carbon Filter
Carbon Filters are effective in filtering dust particles and odors. They are removable for manual clean and can be replaced
High-Voltage Electrostatic Filter System
It has the ability to filter dust size up to 98% PM 2.5 can kill germs in the air and prevent infection.They are removable for manual clean.
High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter (HEPA - H13)
Heat Recovery system to effectively maintain the temperature inside the house. They are removable for manual clean.
High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter (HEPA - H13)
The system can filter dust in the PM 2.5 level up to 99.99%.
Zeolite Filter (*2)
Zeolite Filter (*2) helps reduce allergens, absorb synthetic chemicals (Formaldehyde). The Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) can be replaced manually.

Supportive devices

Grill Outdoor
Return Air Grille, old exhaust hood
Ceiling Air Grill
Flow ventilate
Flow ventilate
Mobile Control (*2) can be controlled by using Mobile application.
1) Positive pressure is a process that causes the air inside the room to have a slightly higher pressure than the outside, which is the same principle used in hospital clean rooms to prevent dust and bacteria from entering the house.
2) Items 1-4 are the specifications for only on CAP+ V1 models. As for item 5 and Mobile Control are the specification for only on CAP+ V2 models.
3) Devices are subject to change for similar quality and value.

Maintenance and warranty system

The CAP + air balancing system is designed to allow you to easily maintain, clean the air filter to save money. The device can be dismantled and used continuously for a lifetime, with a 2-year warranty on parts including all spare parts*.

After-sales service

In addition to the easy maintenance, CAP + also provides a team of technicians to help resolve problems quickly. In case of equipment or system failure, you can contact Tel. 02-938-3456.
* Remark
1) Conditions are as specified by the company.
2) Warranty except equipment that wears out by use such as all types of filters
3) The warranty does not cover misuse or deterioration by natural disasters.
4) The warranty does not cover damage caused by accident.

SGS Air quality test results*

Paremeters Unit %Difference after testing *
1.Oxygen % 0%
2.Temperature C -6%
3.Relative Humidity %Rh -17%
4.Carboon Dioxide (CO2) Ug/m -69%
5.Particuale less than 2.5 micron (PM-2.5) CFU/m -92%
6.Total Bacteria (Airborne) % -45%
7.Yest&Mold % -100%
• Able to maintain O2 levels by continuously adding air to it.
• Able to maintain the temperature without causing the air conditioner to operate for a longer time, resulting in energy savings.
• Able to reduce the humidity inside the house effectively.
• Able to reduce the amount of CO2 to the optimum level.
• Able to reduce PM 2.5 accumulated in the room by up to 92%.
• Able to reduce the accumulation of bacteria in the room
• Able to effectively eliminate mold and yeast in the air.
* Remark: 1) Indoor air quality test on May 21, 2020 for 2 hours by experts from SGS (Thailand) Co., Ltd. 2) The number of air quality levels may change according to different climate and pollution conditions in each area. 3) SGS (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is the world's leading system quality assurance and inspection specialist from Geneva, Switzerland, with 95,000 employees and more than 2,400 lab offices worldwide.
Landy Elder Care
An innovation for the elderly.

Functional design and selection of special materials to ensure the safety and comfort of the elderly

Landy Elder Care

Bathroom Design
Shower seats for safety and facilitate the elderly who cannot stand in the shower.
Handling rail slide doors are easy to use and are also convenient in case of unexpected accidents.
Pull handle for easy opening-closing of the sliding sash.
Wall-mounted balance handrails to ensure stability in the risk of accidents.
Floor-plane drainage gutter, reduce the floor steps and prevent water from the toilet flowing to the outside to prevent accidents.
Separate the wet zone and dry zone with a drain spout to support water in the wet zone from flowing into the dry zone without causing any differences in the area which can cause accidents.
Selected toilets that are higher than normal to facilitate the elderly with knee problems to be able to stand up or sit down comfortably.
Choose to use a round-shaped wash basin with a half-countertop shape, which helps reduce the risk from accidents with a lever faucet that facilitates the elderly with less effort than using a rotating tap.
The armrest on the side of the toilet bowl helps to maintain stability and can be folded when not in use.
L-shaped handrails to help them balance in accident-prone areas
A sliding door and hanging rails are provided for the elderly bedroom to facilitate their use
Floor-plane drainage gutter, reduce the floor steps and prevent water from the toilet flowing to the outside to prevent accidents.
Wall-mounted balance handrails to ensure stability in the risk of accidents.
The armrest on the side of the toilet bowl helps to maintain stability and can be folded when not in use.
Round-shaped wash basin with a half-countertop shape, which helps reduce the risk from accidents with a lever faucet.

Landy Elder Care

Ramp Design
The veranda level is 0.38 m. height..
Sandblasted surface, grooved to prevent slipping, slope ratio 1:12
The edge of the ramp is raised to a height of 0.10 m.
Square stainless cornice with airline surface as a finishing material.
The facility area in front of the ramp is not less than 1.5 m.
Deck level 0.24m high.

Landy Elder Care

Elder Care Function
Functional design for the elderly to live comfortably and happily.
With the entrance height of only 45 cm., it allows the elderly to enter the house easily.
A wheelchair ramp is provided to easily enter the house.
Avoid different levels in areas that the elderly regularly use to prevent accidents.
Allocate the elderly bedroom close to the living room to be closer to all family members and quick access in case of unexpected events.
The walls were designed to be extra thick to prevent outside noise pollution from entering the elderly bedroom.
A sliding door and hanging rails are provided for the elderly bedroom to facilitate their use.
Windows that provide light and good ventilation in the elderly bedroom.
The width of the bathroom door and the size of the space inside the bathroom are extra provided so that the wheelchair can easily enter the bathroom.
Sliding door, hanging rail, the bedroom for the elderly to facilitate the use
The extra large space on the veranda to be spacious with handrails around, so that the elderly can use it as a path for walking or exercise for their recreation.
Remark Such functions for the elderly were designed for The Haus and Royal Oak house designs.
CP Design

Cockroach-free property innovation

“It is necessary to maintain cleanliness, reduce damp spots, especially in the kitchen, dining room and waste storage room to help prevent the problem.
  • The ability to eliminate almost 100% of the access route and life cycle of cockroaches
  • To develop design and constructionย
  • Free from chemical application for a safe environment under good hygiene.

An Innovative System for CP DESIGN

Grease trap with a hygienic
odor blocker
Galvanized kitchen door,.
rubber seal surround
Free from harmful chemicals
In order to provide all family members with a safe and hygienic environment, Landy Home invented the cockroach-free property innovation or "CP Design" by studying the life cycle of cockroaches to develop design and construction. The system comes with the following features;

FR System

Flood Resistant System

“FR System” (Flood Resistant System) or home system to prevent flooding at Landy Home invented and developed a design solution to meet the needs of families who want to avoid the damage from unexpected floods. The system comes with the following features;

Stylish properties The FR Series house design has been inspired by the Venetian architecture with a way of life alongside the water in the Baroque era, combined with Thai living culture with the function of a raised Thai house. The design of the properties is reflected as an outstanding masterpiece in both functional interior and high-class architectural design.

Safety In order for the whole family to live in the safest home, Landy Home's product research and development team has designed a separate electrical system between floors 1-2-3 with separate main electricity. Sub in each point within the house to provide maximum convenience and safety in cutting power at specific points in the event of flooding.

Cleanliness The sewerage management system is designed to prevent wastewater from the backwash tank into the house, and a well, including a water pump, is installed on the second floor to ensure that all members of the properties have usable fresh water and able to drain normally even if there is flooding on the ground floor.

Reduce damage In the risky area on the ground floor (In order for the family members to continue their living life in the properties as soon as possible after the water is lowered), Landy Home realizes the importance of selecting good waterproof materials that help reduce the impact on the water, damaged, and easy to clean after the water drain.

Landy Home Cooling

Cool and Comfortable Property from Landy Home

Due to the continuous high temperatures in Thailand, sun block and sunlight reduction material considering must be taken in action in construction of properties today to reduce the temperature inside the properties.

Landy Home has given the importance and care to design for all members to live happily in all weather conditions by selecting quality materials with cooling properties and protecting the sunlight as well.

Lightweight bricks

The properties walls are the main areas for screening sunlight and hot air entering the house. Landy Home selects lightweight concrete bricks, thickness up to 7.5 cm., which comes with insulating properties to help prevent heat from outside.


Landy Home chose ICI DULUX WEATHERSHIELD POWERFLEXX, a semi-gloss film type paint, able to prevent heat from entering the house better than conventional paint. It also helps reduce the heat temperature inside the house as well.

Heat reflector

Protect the heat from the sun with Goodfoil reflective under the roof that is durable, flexible, tensile strength, not easy to tear. Can reflect up to 95% of heat radiation.


Landy Home selects Elephant Brand Stay Cool insulation with thickness of 3 inches to cover the interior area. (In the case of a house with a reinforced concrete roof). It provides the ability to prevent heat radiation up to 95% and insulates up to 7 times more heat with Hydro Prodec TM with a glossy aluminum foil bottom and non-heat absorbing properties.

Cooling ceiling eaves

The hot air naturally rises, so the rising heat is trapped in the roof so there should be a channel for it to vent or circulate. Landy Home selects a cooling eaves to ventilate and eliminate heat away from the house, which can be divided into 2 types as follows:

1) SPEC POPULAR SCG smart board ceiling, strong and durable with a special structure, FIRM & FLEX technology, combined with the structure of SCG portland cement, special silica, and cellulose fibers. More importantly, it helps reduce heat conduction and keeps the house cool with low thermal conductivity smart boards with vents to collect heat under the roof.

2) SPEC SIGNATURE Smart Wood slat ceiling, natural color, width 3 ”, painted, spaced 0.50 cm, for cooling, with mesh panel to prevent insects from entering the properties.

5 mm. Light-cut green glass, 5 mm. thick green glass that can block the heat and UV rays and reflect heat up to 50%, resulting in a good reduction of air conditioning energy consumption.