Landy home services

Serve with heart by advice from experts,

Building the first impression by giving advice on designing and construction work from experts including experienced architects and engineers. We are notable for full service known as One Stop Service for house construction

Management Standard and International Standard of follow up System

ISO 9001 : 2008, When customers trust Landy Home for house construction, customers can be sure that every construction work can be verified and will be followed up closely by standard management system

The best Quality Control system (Quality Control)

We pay attention to every part of construction. Landy Home has more than 500 lists of quality control done by specialty experts starting from designing, structural planning and finishing before handover until the construction is completed.

Customer Relation, consulting and Warranty Service

Give your house a protection after handover by customer relation providing advice and consultant in case customers need help after handover. Moreover, the company entrust with warranty system covering both interior and exterior of the building.