Home building process

Selecting house design and providing advices from professional staffs 

We are professional and can design house to suit what residents need. Every house of Landy home is designed beautifully and focusing on benefits of residents so that customers can get a perfect house.


Standard Design
Customers are able to opt for more than 200 of standard designs with a perfect combination of architecture style and functionality. In addition, time and cost saving and construction can be started immediately. Standard design (Function adjustment) If the standard design of the company cannot answer customer’s lifestyle, the company willing to adjust the design as the customer wish to the highest satisfaction.


Custom Design

If customers have their own design, the company is willing to give consultation on construction feasibility and cost estimation of construction by using company’s structure and standard materials for informed decision.


New Design

The company has architecture team with highly experience. Customers can inform basic requirements and the company is ready to be your consultant and present a visual design with Landy 3D design program. Customers can see pictures and get a construction quotation before starting a construction.

Conducting a land survey and layout

When customers select house design, the company will send experts to conduct a land surveying and layout to prepare construction according to terms and conditions of each product. The result will be informed within 7-15 days

Making a Contract

After the design and construction cost has been concluded, the company will make an appointment for signing contract. The contract contains construction period, installment and responsibilities between company and customers.


Preparation before operating

Generally, after signing a contract, the customer and the company will have a construction preparation as follows:

  1. Customers prepare land for building such as backfilling, old house demolition, tree and enter and exit route clearing. 
  2. Request permission for building a house from relevant organization
  3. Select standard materials such as house color, roof color, tile pattern, etc. from the company
  4. Construction report
  5. Making a contract on confirming permanent water and electricity request
    ​(However, there would be addition in special case which the company will specify by case)

Service before starting Construction

To provide customer with convenience, Landy Home is willing to submit the request for construction approval from government office without any additional charges as follows

  • Construction approval request: for your house to be constructed according to Municipal Law and to be used as evidence for governmental procedure in construction processes
  • Request for temporary use of water and electricity: The company will request for temporary use of water and electricity in construction site. The company will be responsible for electricity and water bills during construction


  1. Additional cost apart from temporary meter fee will be responsible by customers.
  2. Permanent meter request fee and meter installation cost will be responsibility of customers according to regulations of Metropolitan Electricity Authority and Metropolitan Waterworks Authority. However, the company is responsible in proceeding without charges.
  3. In case of ground water and water supply depended on Sub-district Administrative Organization or Provincial Waterworks Authority, customers are required to be responsible for water meter request cost (meter fee, water service insurance, pipe charge, material and service charged by SAO) However, the company is responsible in proceeding and water bills during construction.

Request for House Number

When the construction is in plastering and window installation process, the company will proceed on requesting house number for customers to prepare for living in the future


Start a construction

The company has summarized construction procedures as follows:

  1. The company requests for temporary water and electrical installation during construction.
  2. Start piling work, casting foundation, column and beam installation, groundbreaking ceremony (if requested by customers)
  3. Install roof structure and foundation, cast concrete and column-to-beam welding
  4. Construct roof, place reinforced concrete floor on foundation and inform customers to select tiles and sanitary ware
  5. Start bricklaying and plastering, window frame installation and stake construction
  6. Start sanitary installation, flooring and architectural works including installation of tiles, mirror, stair, spandrel, ceiling, interior color, exterior color and flooring. Also, inform customers to provide lamp and deliver to the construction site
  7. Finish the remaining work such as installation of switch, plug, lamp, water system, sanitary ware and drainage
  8. Clean exterior and interior house
  9. Perform final house inspection
  10. Customers inspects house with the company representative and house handover. If problem arises, alteration will be made until satisfaction

When the company has constructed your house to the last step and has done all finishing according to the contract, the company will inform customers with letter. Customers can submit lists required for additional fix (if any). The company will proceed within 7 days after receiving the documents or assign the engineers to receive lists at appointed place. The company will finish the final work before the handover.


After the company has finished fixing as customer informed, the company representative will make an appointment with customers to signing of handover to close the construction.


Accounting staff of the company will calculate total cost of the construction and consulting staff will explain the warranty process after house handover and the house handover process, warranty document and house keys including important governmental documents

Make a payment

The company has divided a construction payment to installments as follows: (Details as specified in contract)

1st installment 
After signing a construction contract 

2nd installment 
After completion of piling work 

3rd installment 
After completion of installation of foundation, structure, base floor and upper floor column and beam and concrete flooring (Base floor toilet excluded) 

4th Installment 
After completion of concrete laying, installation of column, beam and floor on 2nd floor, stair and reinforced beam (In case of having deck, stair and reinforced beam) is completed 

5th Installment 
After completion of installation of roof structure and roof construction (only in the part separated from cement work), laying bricks, installation of window and door frame (Aluminum frame excluded), installation of water system 

6th Installment 
After completion of plastering work, installation of electrical wire, installation of spandrel, laying tiles, wall and floor 

7th installment 
After completion of stair installation and flooring (Laminate floor, wood floor and carpet excluded) 

8th Installment 
After completion of color work, installation of sanitary ware, lamp, electrical main board, wastewater treatment tank and finishing

Warranty system and after-construction service

To ensure our important customers, Landy home has warranty system and after services as follows

1-year warranty

on quality of interior and exterior, concrete cracks and repair service, flooring and wall, short circuit, plumbing leak, and sewer blockage

3-5-year warranty

on roof leak or roof crack within 5 years (3-year warranty on Metal Sheet roof) 

Special service We provide exterminator service for 3 times after structure installation, before and after handover (This service is related to termite treatment service around ground beams and around the building. It does not cover termite damage) 

Note* Warranty terms and condition are designated by the company