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Home Design : Juliet-V

Two Storey House with 394 sq.m. for Utility Space,

5 Bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms, 2 parking Lots,

Janetrakulroj Family

With favorite in modern house with moderate size and full function, the answer is Juliet-V. It is the modern house with two storey including 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and 2 parking lots.


Khun Maneekorn and Khun Peerawas, the owners told us the story of the house that

“Previously, we lived in small house with limited area. When we had a child, more space is required to support our family activities. We trusted in many years of experiences so we selected Landy home to build our new house” For living room, it is not just reading area but it is the happiness of family. This part is designed to feel open and airy from front garden and designed as Open Plan connected with dining area. Therefore, this area is suitable for relaxation and doing activities in the family.


The upper floor is their bedroom area where the owners told that “The bedroom is Master Bedroom. We can get out to enjoy view and a breath of fresh air from the garden. This is one of great atmosphere areas” “When the house is done, we like it so much. The house looks comfortable and the wind is blowing in the house in the direction that we want. Landy Home also took good care of customers and answered our requirement” Khun Maneekorn and

Khun Peerawas said.