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Home Design : Andrea-V

Two Storey House with 373 sq.m. for Utility Space, 4

Bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms

Phuakkaranan Family

        Requirement and preferences of every family member are employed for making decision. “ANDREA-V” is , therefore, the answer owing to their unique entrance hall with double space design which makes a two storey house look airy and relaxing.  It is adjusted for 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms to increase utility space in house to support big family.


Khun Kiettisak, the owner of this house told the story of the beginning of this house that 

        “This house is the first house I have it built so it took a long time to carefully select a building company since I want it to be the best. We had a chance to visit homebuilding fair where there were various companies. Landy Home, however, has several beautiful and trendy house designs which answer our need. We did not hesitate to choose Landy Home to build our new house”.

        For ground floor, Khun Kiettisak’s family had it adjusted to be a guest welcome area including bedroom and bathroom for important guests. Everyone visiting this house will be provided with convenience. Also, decorating materialhas been carefully chosen for every part of the house which makes it beautiful, unique and match other parts of the house. The upper level is used as bedrooms for family members. 



Khun Kiettisak told that...

        “ For bedroom, we and interior team designed bed and cabinet together to answer our preference as much as possible”  “ During construction, we had some part of house adjusted and Landy Home understood us and helped to adjust it for us. Landy Home team gave great advice and always followed up. After the construction is done, everyone in family is impressed with it a lot and we are not disappointed at all ” 

Khun Kiettisak added.