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Home Design : Gemini Life

Two Storey House with 343 sq.m. for Utility Space, 
4 Bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms, 2 parking Lots, 
Damrongsuttipong Family


Preference and function brings beautiful and modern house design which provides enough utility spaces for everyone in family

“We want to expand living space for family so we planned to have a new house built near the old ones. We had a chance to consult Landy home staffs at Pongpetch branch about house design that answers what we want. We want medium size house for usage of members in family. The staff team advised us to adjust the plan to suit our needs” Khun Pratan, the owner said.

Apart from focusing on moderate size house, Damrongsuttipong family also focused on utility areas with worthwhile function. The answer is Gemini Life, a two storey with modern tropical style house contains 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and 2 parking lots.

The owner had the utility space in bedroom adjusted for Walk in Closet with built-in wardrobe at corner of the rooms for convenient use. There was space left in the room without wasting. The plan is managed perfectly.

“Personally, I like house that looks wide and open. So I really like hall on the upper floor because it is multipurpose area that everyone can do activities together and can go out to enjoy views. This is corner for relaxation of our family” Khun Pratan said.


“During construction period, the engineer team always came to inspect construction work. It was done with high standard. Sale staff took good care of us, gave advice and helped adjusting house layout. Our new house was beautifully constructed and satisfied everyone in family. It is very welcoming” Mr. Pratan added.