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Home Design : Jessica V

Two Storey House with 394 sq.m for Utility Space,

5 Bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms, 2 parking Lots,

Lertprasertpan Family

Beautiful and warm house in the middle of a peaceful Damnoen Saduak province with a fresh air “Stability is important matter to consider choosing a service from homebuilding company. Landy home has 200 million baht of registered capital and has credibility and many years of experiences on house construction. So, it can be sure that the construction work won’t be abandoned”

Mr. Teerachai Lertprasertpan, the owner of the house talked about the great impression with Landy home before kindly bringing us to visit his warm and welcoming house. The design of the Mr. Teerachai’s house is called “Jessica V” . It is moderate size house and the utility area has been designed perfectly in every function.


“Before the construction, I searched for information from the internet and decided to choose Landy home. Since the company has the Ratchburi branch located close to our site (Damnoen Saduak). lso, Landy home has several house designs for us to choose. With trendy design and match our need, I selected “Jessica V” which includs 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms. I joined in design and area adjustment such as removing bedrooms on ground color and extending bathroom and kitchen” The house design has perfectly managed area. It is unique for beautiful praying room located at the central of the house on second floor

“I want the buddha room turn to front of the house and located in big area. Landy home team helps me to manage the area” The owner proudly took us to visit every corner of the house both interior and exterior because he took part in the construction, designing and selecting material with Landy home to get the house as he requires.

“I used to live as a big family but I want to live as a single family so I decided to have this house built. I like almost every part of the house and my daughter (Nong Pancake) likes the living room where she can watch television and feels relaxed. Also, for the bathroom, she can choose material and color of tiles as she wants” Before saying goodbye, Khun Teerachai told the impression for Landy home and advice for people who want to build a house that

“If you think of homebuilding, think of Landy home because the company has many years of experiences and professional and friendly team and provide us with engineer to take care of the construction” Landy home is delighted to have a chance to deliver an impression to our customers. We pay attention to every service and give importance to every house construction so customers receive the house that answers their needs. As Khun Teerachai said that homebuilding should be done by professional company with credibility. Think of homebuilding, think of Landy home, No.1 Homebuilding Center, “Best House Building by Landy Home”