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Home Design : FR Camelia

Three Storey House with 338 sq.m for Utility Space,

4 Bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms, 2 parking Lots,

Bannasarnprasit Family

“Preference” brings “house designs” which reflects the personality and lifestyle of residents. It would be great if a favorite and beautiful architecture has created on our land. “Home” is a place full of happiness, safety and comfort for family members.


Khun Ittichai and Khun Neeranuch, the owners had a house built in “CAMELIA” plan which is one of flood prevention house, Beautiful and Classic FR Series with three storey house comprised of 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and 2 parking lots and utility management system to support a comfortable living during flood.


This house has been designed perfectly which shows the attention of owners. The big kitchen offers comfortable use. The living room is in upper floor which is the happiness place of the family. Another unique area is backyard which the owner designed according to Feng Shui and adjusted it to be a big garden instead of swimming pools and had it decorated to match with the house. It comes out very perfect and beautiful “the house will be with us forever so we have to choose professional homebuilding company with reliability and has professional team who can help us adjusted it as we like. Landy home is very professional. During the construction, we didn’t have any problems at all”

Khun Ittichai and Khun Neeranuch added.