Financially sound with 200 million Baht of registered capital


Financially sound with 200 million Baht of registered capital 

The company is financially sound with the highest registered capital of 200 million Baht among building business in Thailand.  Building credibility with customers is extremely important especially for registered capital which is the Landy Home’s priority. Landy Home is the first and only homebuilding company that registered the company with 200 million Baht of registered capital. It is an indicator of financial security and collateral of the company. The company can take a responsiblity in case the company causes damage to customers. Also, it is to build credibility with customers to ensure that customers do not have to take risk on "house building being abandoned" 


The graph which illustrates a comparison of registered capital of 7 famous homebuilding companies shows that Landy Home has the highest registered capital of 200 million baht among building business. This number indicates the stability and credibility for customers who can use it to consider when choosing company to proceed on house construction.  


"What is registered capital ?"

Registered capital is the money paid by owner and shareholders for starting the business which will be used to build company’s asset. It is accounted from capital and loan capital of the company as registered in memorandum of association. It will be issued price per share or “par value”.


Details on increase of registered capital of Landy Home (Thailand) Co., Ltd 

No. Date  Registered capital 
1 August 5, 1992  2,000,000 Baht
2 March 28, 2000  10,000,000 Baht
3 February 23, 2002 40,000,000 Baht
4 October 14, 2002  80,000,000 Baht
5 June 7, 2005  140,000,000 Baht
6 August 17, 2005  200,000,000 Baht


Home Builder Association comprised of members in homebuilding business which aims to be professional at work provides advice to consumers who are considering to build a house in order to protect them from being taken advantage by company as follows : 

  • Choose a company which is registered as a juristic person and has architects or engineers be in charge because high quality construction work requires professional staff which leads to standard quality work. 

  • Visit company’s office to observe the readiness of the company to provide service. 

However, if customers are uncertain about credibility of homebuilding company, customers are able to verify information from Ministry of Commerce or to consider the company for a service.