About Us

Landy Home Innovation for your Living

Landy home (Thailand) Co., Ltd, the homebuilding center, is founded and operated by Mr. Pichet Maneerattanaporn since August 31, 1988. The business is operated with attention and focused on efficiency and customer satisfaction. Therefore, Landy Home (Thailand) Co., Ltd has developed, grown with stability and has been accepted of being

“No.1 Homebuilding Center in Thailand”

With successive developed construction systems together with standard policy, Landy Home (Thailand) Co., Ltd has been certified with ISO 9001:2000 from UNITED KINGDOM ACCREDITATION SERVICE (UKAS) institute, England and is the first homebuilding company in Thailand granted ISO 9001:2008.

Nevertheless, building trust with customers is considerably essential. Landy Home is financially sound with the highest registered capital of 200 million baht among homebuilding business in Thailand which is an indicator of financial security of the company and ensure that every house construction will be completed for customers. 

Landy Home strives to develop construction innovation with perfect and high standard services to answer different customer needs. Customer satisfaction is regarded as our priority. We have many construction innovations such as

Nova System,

an advanced building technology studied and developed from Japan. With quality control in every step of production by standard factory, this system provides fast construction using column and beam system joints by steel structure called Multi Joint Lock. Customers can trust its strength.

CP Design

Cockroach-Free Housing Innovation is comprised of Sanitary Management System focused on terminating cockroach life cycle which makes every house built by Landy Home free from cockroach problems without chemical use.

Landy Elder Care

Material and sanitary ware selection has been made for elderly to live conveniently with resident’ safety as priority.

Since 1988 until now, Landy Home has constructed more than 5,000 houses and has presented new house designs every 6 months by applying house designs from around the world with function that suits lifestyle of Thai family. Landy Home also provides technology to increase efficiency in designing so architects are able to convey ideas and adjust to serve customer need which makes Landy Home becomes Trendsetter in terms of residence design and is widely accepted for quality and strength of structure system and wide range of house designs including services from professional architect and engineer teams. We give advice in every step of construction.

"With great success and many years of experiences combining with international standard team, Landy Home has never stopped developing and inventing construction innovation and services to meet standard while focused on efficiency and customer satisfaction as our priority”

Landy home (Thailand) Co., Ltd is striving to develop construction innovation and international standard service to maintain being No.1 Homebuilding Center in Thailand with our vision

“Homebuilding leader with high efficiency, increasing living standard and innovation development for the future”